Who Am I Writing Assignment

Essays about who you are, commonly also known as Who Am I paper, are not a very popular type of assignment. Still, people face this kind of task often enough to know its basics and be prepared. You have probably had such an assignment at school. However, it is a bad idea to suppose that you will never need this skill after finishing school and submitting a college/university admission application. You will be surprised to know that ‘Who Really I Am?’ is the question you will have to tackle in essays throughout your life, for both educational and career purposes.

This is why it is highly recommendable to avoid underestimating the assignment when you face it as early as in school. Instead, don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire relevant skills, hone them over time and keep lifelong. If not, you may need someone’s help when the need of who am i as a person essay occurs.

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How To Write A Good Who Am I Essay

who am i essay

Essentially an academic type of personality paper, the work under discussion is expected to meet general requirements associated with this category of works. On the other hand, there will be a set of requirements imposed by a teacher or organization you are going to submit the Who Am I essay to. While the former part is easier to learn and retain just because people face it more often, the latter, special part can be confusing for many.

Along with knowing the basics, it is helpful to find and take advantage of some relevant tips, which can make the assignment writing much easier for you. Outline may look like this:

  1. Structure your paper properly. This is about arranging the content you submit to a reader in such a way that they can easily perceive and sort it out. In this respect, being prepared means having a good sample This is me essay at hand. Use it as a pattern to base you work on. This approach can save you time and energy because it prevents dispersing attention during the work.
  2. Define a centerpiece of your work. It is a good idea to write with one focus point in mind. This may be your important personal trait, hobby, professional skill or anything else. Following this main line will render your assignment more creative and, consequently, more interesting to read. Make sure the chosen line goes throughout the paper and, eventually, is explicitly reflected in the conclusion.
  3. Choose an engaging style of writing. It is important to keep your reader interested and engaged up to the final words of your essay about who am I. Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all recommendation can be provided in this respect. To be interesting, experiment with your writing style and artistic techniques. Adding some jokes or humor may help too, but avoid overdoing with them; remember, this is an academic essay paper anyways.
  4. Try to stick to a neutral point of view. Describing yourself, you can hardly be objective. Nevertheless, showing you are will be beneficial. The idea is to demonstrate that what you tell about your strengths and skills is a matter of fact rather than mere boast. To make a reader trust in your objectivity, don’t forget to mention your minor weaknesses too. On the other hand, make sure your positive traits and claims are supported with evidence. It concerns not only “who am i today” descriptive essay, but also who i am as a a person, as a leader, teacher or friend.
  5. Leave your reader intrigued. While a quite sophisticated artistic technique, this method really works. Feel free to describe your best talents throughout the paper but leave something unsaid in the end to keep your reader intrigued even once they have finished reading. Also, avoid putting all you have to say at once, for example in the form of a bullet list. Piecing the information out is a much more effective idea in terms of intriguing a reader.

Some Tips On Who Am I Writing Assignment

Above, we have provided some general recommendations, which can be used by any college student or essay writer. Let us remind you that this article’s subject is Who Am I papers, which means that the work’s content will be highly individual in each and every case. Additionally, what exactly you may want and have to share with your readers will depend on the purpose of the assignment, such as an admission application, a professional document kit, job application etc.

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Third-party sample essays about yourself can be a helpful source of inspiration and relevant ideas. You can easily find such works 300-500 words long on the Internet. Feel free to draw some creative ideas and writing techniques from them to implement in your assignment. To be able to produce a high-grade paper, it is recommended to use top-quality examples only. To be on the safe side, consider those available on our website. They have been prepared by our professional academic writers and can be a reliable benchmark to compare your creation with.

To help you get a better understanding of what an essay about yourself should consist of, tips on each paper section are provided below.

Essay Introduction

This is the opening part of who am I essay. Its primary purpose is to introduce you in a few words and give a reader an idea of what you are going to tell about below. However, this section has another purpose too, implied yet as important. Specifically, using this concise introduction, an author should engage their reader and make them proceed to the following section. You will be surprised to know how many decent essays are regularly rejected because of weak or boring introduction. Failing to engage a reader, they are just put aside already after a few sentences read.

The Body Text

Congratulations! You have succeeded in getting your reader interested. Now, it’s time to demonstrate all your writing skills and a creative approach. As we have already mentioned above, a successful Who Am I essay must show your talents and strengths on one hand and make a reader believe your self-estimation is rather objective on the other hand.

A good way to do this is via providing what others say about you. Feel free to support your claims with such references as well as with objective evidence like prizes and rewards you won in your field of interest.

Also, it is a good idea to provide some facts that prove what a reliable team player you can be. This merit will be appreciated by every educational institution or company.

When writing this section, it is important to meet the applicable count word limit.

Who I Am Assignment Conclusion

This is the final section of your essay about yourself. Its purpose is to summarize what has been said in the previous part. It is important to draw your reader’s attention to the fact that the provided evidence correlates with the claims made in the introduction section.